"enjoy viewing our beautiful range of Sterling Silver designs"


Sterling Silver 925 Hand crafted designer earring collection
  • Sterling Silver 925 Stud Collection
    A range of handcrafted Sterling Silver 925 Stud Earrings.
  • Sterling Silver Flower Earrings - Last pair
    Handmade Sterling Silver 925 Rose Flower earrings on closed hook by Sababa. Flower width 15mm
  • Hand Crafted Pearl Earrings
    Sterling Silver hand crafted designer pearl earrings from Israel on french hook. Setting 22mm square. Sababa Jewellery.
  • Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Cross
    Tamir Zuman Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Religious Cross on french hook by Sababa Jewellery. Length 22mm.
  • Sterling Silver Opal Round
    True Israeli jewellery design by Tamir with Sterling Silver 925 and Syn Opal on closed french hook.
    Diameter 14mm with silver stamp.
  • Handmade Pearl Earrings
    Designer handmade concave Israeli Sterling Silver with pearl earrings by Tamir Zuman. The hook back earrings setting is 12mm wide x 28mm height. Full length 42mm.
  • Glass Flower Bead Earrings
    Glass Flower Earrings in stunning greens with width12mm. Complimented with Sterling Silver 925 leader and french hook.
  • Roman Glass Earrings
    Our Roman Glass is certified and produces some of the most amazing jewellery designs.Both stunning and unique this earring setting is of 14 x 17mm with a depth of 5mm.
  • Gemstone Earrings
    Beautiful gemstone Sterling Silver design with Blue Calcedony & Apple Quartz 15mm diameter earrings.
  • Classic Pearl Earrings
    Classic Pearl earrings set on beautiful handcrafted Sterling Silver 925 with closed clasp.
  • Gold or Rose Gold Silver Combination Earring
    Tamir Zuman combining Sterling Silver 925 with Yellow or Rose Gold Goldfill. Earring length 33mm on french hook.
  • Opal Heart Earrings
    Sterling Silver 925 closed hook set with Opal heart. Setting 10mm square.
  • Layered Opal Stud Earring
    Petite 6mm diameter Sterling Silver hand crafted heart with small Opal on stud backing.
  • Gemstone Stud Earring
    7mm Handmade dimensional stud earring at 7mm shaped diameter. Manmade Opal.
  • Sterling Stud Earrings
    Eye-catching textured hand made sterling silver stud earrings at length of 16mm.
  • Round CZ Stud Earrings
    Tamir Zuman Swarovski Crystal sterling silver 925 stud earrings in a beautiful 6mm setting.
  • Petite Turquoise Stud
    Petite handmade stud earring with Turquoise gem. Diameter of 6mm.
  • Sterling Silver 925 Stunning CZ Studs
    Stunning Sterling Silver 925 Cubic Zirconia CZ Stud earrings set in a 7mm setting.
  • Sterling Silver 925 Flower Studs
    Sterling Silver 925 Flower Stud Earrings with Gemstones and Opals. 10mm diameter.
  • Sterling Silver 925 CZ Stud Olive Green
    Sterling Silver 925 Rhodium (never tarnish) plated Cubic Zirconia studs. 8mm sq.
  • Sterling Silver 925 Opal Droplet Earrings
    Eye-catching Opal Droplet Earrings. 20mm length droplet on catch pierce hook.
  • Sterling Silver 925 Pearl Spiral Earrings
    Sterling Silver 925 Spiral earrings with pearl. Pierce back
  • Sterling Silver 925 Petite Opal Star Earring
    Sterling Silver 925 petite 5 point star with handmade Opal
  • Sterling Silver Hibiscus Flower
    Sterling Silver 925 dimensional earring on french hook. Flower width 20mm.
  • Turtle Earrings
    Sababa Beautiful Sterling Silver Turtle Earrings. Matching Necklace TZN9604a
    Matching Rings also available.
    Turtle is 14mm length.
  • Zircon Sterling Silver 925 Earrings
    Stunning Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver 925 earrings with modern setting and closed hook. CZ setting 10mm.
  • Beaten Silver Textured Earring
    Hand made with beaten sterling silver layered finish this earring diameter is 24mm with 6mm width.
  • Classic Pearl Earring
    Handcrafted in this very classic pearl design on french hook. The setting is 16mm diameter.
  • Geometric Circles
    Eye catching designer piece by Tamir in Israel with setting size at 25mm x 16mm.
  • Multi Petal Flower
    This beautifully hand made sterling silver earring shows beautiful flower features at 11mm width on french hook.
  • Nature Setting
    Handmade with man made Opal with setting of flowers and leaves etc. 19 x 21mm
  • Owl Earrings
    Hand made in Sterling Silver 925, These Owl earrings are too cute. Perched on an oval branch at 19mm x 27mm.
  • Sterling Heart
    Handmade Sterling Silver 925 heart earrings from Tamir's Israeli Collection. Complimented with french hook with a heart 15mm wide.
  • Unique Gemstone Earring
    Israeli designer handmade earring is a combination of sterling silver 925 with leaf embossing and gemstones in Obsidian Black Pearl or Lapis Blu.
  • Unique Handmade Earrings
    This unique desiger earring handmade in Israel features textured setting at 15mm width with closed french hook.
  • Eyecatching Swirl Earring
    Amazing handmade Israeli earrings that catch the light with movement. Sterling Silver 925 with feature length of 3cm with french hook.
  • Unique Israeli Earring
    Unique in look this designer Isreali earring is complimented with textured setting and closed french hook with man made Opal. The setting feature is 15mm width. Also avaialbe in Pearl TZE10617B-1
  • Cubic Zirconia with Class
    This large design in Sterling Silver earrings is finished with an impressive design setting and closed french hook. Setting at 13mm square with Princess cut.
  • Stunning CZ Earrings
    Stunning facet cut Cubiz Zirconia earrings from Israel and set in Sterling Silver 925. This statement designby Tamir Zuman is set at 1.5 x 2 cm with french hook.
  • Stylish Leaf Earrings
    Pleasant dimension of earring with leaf branch embossed in 15 x 20mm oval on french hook.
  • Gold Silver Combo Earring
    Stunning Tamir Zuman earrings hand crafted Sterling Silver 925 with Gold fill in either Yellow or Rose Goldfill on french hook. Length 4 cm width 8mm
  • Mother of Pearl Earrings
    Very unique designer handmade earrings incorporating Koru spirals, rose flower in 19 x 23mm setting finished with Mother of Pearl on french hook.
  • Labradorite Earrings
    Labradorite Gemstone set in floral Sterling silver setting 20 x 22mm. This particular gemstone is slightly grey finish with amazing electric blue reflections.
  • Textured Teardrop
    Sterling Silver tear drop textured earring at a width of 30mm x 40mm on pierce hook.
  • Flower Stud with Opal or Pearl
    Delightful Stud Earring 12mm dam complimented with a gem or pearl
  • Coin Pearl Stunner
    Eyecatching design with Sterling Silver encasing the Coin Pearl. Diam 20cn.
  • Modern Claw Design
    Unique styled Pearl earrings with amazing modern claw setting. Finished on french hook. Setting 17mm diam. Matching Necklace TZN10307-2 made to order.
  • Organic Pearl Earrings
    Fine pearl earrings with a 9mm setting on closed french hook.

Sababa, an established New Zealand Company that works with the most Unique ranges of hand made designer jewellery from around the World. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality products that are designed with uniqueness, creativity and timeless beauty.  Our designs include Sterling Silver 925, 9 Karat Gold and Rose Gold, Art Glass with Sterling Silver, handcrafted unique brooches. All complimented with Gems Pearls and man made Opal.