Welcome to the world of Sababa Jewellery specialising in Unique designs in Sterling Silver 925 and complimented with a range of Cubiz Zirconia, Pearls and Gems. Enjoy browsing through our designs.

Sterling Silver 925 Hand crafted designer Ring collection
  • Facet Cut Onyx
    Amazing statement piece with a large facet cut Onyx 21mm in diam. Tapered designer band. This ring can be sized.
  • Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Collection
    This 925 Sterling Silver ring adds an element of fun with the Yellow Gold plated addition. With a tapered band 15mm to 7mm.
  • Solid Solitaire Design
    Very popular Sterling Silver 925 handcrafted design is complimented with Pearl, Syn Opal or Obsidian within a 9mm ridged band. Hallmark stamped this ring can be sized.
  • Unique at its Best
    Photo shows all the designer features with this amazingly unique ring. Top Width 21mmx 9mm.
  • Elegant Tri Pearl Design
    Statement Sterling Silver & Pearl tapered Ring. Setting 19 x 19mm est.
  • Elegant Pearl Setting
    Elegant design with pearl set in leaf and scroll sterling silver with tapered band. Matching Earring TZE9558B - Necklace TZN9558B
  • Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring
    Make a statement with this large setting ring 15mm x 13mm. Ring width 0mm tapered to a comfortable 5mm band.
  • Sterling Rose Gold Combination Band
    This 925 Sterling Silver ring adds an element of fun with the Rose Gold plated addition. With a tapered band 15mm to 7mm.
  • Sterling Silver Heron Bird
    Sterling Silver ring 18 x 22mm setting with keyline tapered band.
    This ring can be sized.
  • Sterling Silver 925 & Turquoise
    Tamir compressed turquoise designer ring. Setting 20mm length.This ring can be sized. Sababa Jewellery.
  • Sterling Silver Heart Ring
    Tamir Zuman Textured Sterling Silver Heart Ring. Heart 15mm wide with2mm band.
  • Star Anise Gemstone Gemstone Ring
    Beautiful Israeli Gemstone designer ring with 12mm diameter setting. Avail in Onyx, Blue Lapis, Green Aventurine. This ring can be sized.
  • Sterling Silver Roman Glass Ring
    Certified Israeli Sterling Silver 925 Roman Glass ring with a stunning 15mm setting.
  • 925 Twist Ring - Perfect for stacking
    Stylish fine band ring with twisted finish. Great for grouping with other rings; stacker ring or wearing solo.SS 925 Stamped.
  • Solitaire Pearl
    Solitaire Sterling Silver 925 Pearl earring.
    This ring can be sized.
  • Stunning Lilly Design
    This lilly collection is stunning. This statement ring has a Tri shaped band at 7mm width with the full flower collection hand made design at 33mm length. This ring can be custom made to your size.
  • Moonstone Garden
    Sterling Silver handcrafted ring with flower patterned tapered band and moonstone gem.
    This ring can be sized.
  • Dual Opal Ring
    Sterling Silver eye-catching handmade ring. Each man made opal is 14mm & 7mm.Double band tapering to 4mm. Top setting 19mm length.
  • Unique Pearl Ring
    This amazing handmade Sterling ring design by has the pearl held by leaf branches. Pearl is approx 1.5cm length. with setting 13mm wide.
  • Embossed Band
    Unique ring band with full textured finish. Band width 13mm. SS925
  • Solitaire Cubic Zirconia
    Stunning Tamir Zuman Sterling Silver 925 ring with Cubic Zirconia. CZ dial: 10mm.
    This ring can be sized. Matching necklace TZN9749
  • Flower Band in Sterling Silver
    Delightful Flower band ring tapered for comfort from 12mm to 6mm width.
  • Flower Leaf Ring
    Eyecatching 16mm wide flower ring with wrapping leaves handmade by Tamir Zuman in Israel. Twin tapered band. This ring is adjustable. Size 19mm inner diameter.
  • Flower Stacker Band
    Each Sterling Silver band is beaten finished at a width of 3mm. Option by seperately or buy set of 3 at discounted price.
  • Stunning Blue
    Stunning design with a Blue Topaz Crystal. Setting 19 x 14mm with tapered band.
  • Amazing Designer Ring with Pearl
    Beautifully hand crafted pearl ring 24mm diameter.
  • Handcrafted Tri Onyx
    Facet cut Onyx.12 x 10mm setting with stylish band.
  • Flower Embossed Heart Ring
    Dainty Sterling Silver Heart ring by Tamir Zuman with engraved flowers on heat face at 9mm square with 2mm band.
  • Star Anise Tapered Band
    Unique Sterling Silver ring handmade by Tamir Zuman in Israel. The band is a 17mm width tapering for comfort down to 10mm. Detail features muti flowers.
  • Labradorite with Flowers
    This design in our Daisy Collection has a Labradorite Gemstone setting in sterling silver 925 at 18mm long with a tapered band from 5mm.
  • Opal Band with Star Anise Design
    This handmade design by Tamir in Israel has a unique design combining man made opal with flowers plus. Band is tapered to 9mm width and adjustable . Top of Ring design 16mm depth.
  • Solitaire with Flower
    Very femInine solitaire ring with stone set within a flower. Mid width ring band tapers from 11 to 7 mm for comfort. SS925.
  • Solitaire Gem Ring
    Lattice hand made Sterling Silver 925 ring by Tamir Zuman. Stunning in the Opal with settinh 10mm diameter and ring width tapered for comfort 13 to 4mm.
  • Make a Statement
    Eyecatching Sterling Silver 925 ring has a textured tapered band for ultimate comfort. Top setting is 3cm long going down to8mm band.. Just stunning.
  • Textured Sterling Silver Band
    Sterling Silver textured band with ridged sides. Handmade and unique design by Tamir Zuman.
  • Tri Stonewith Opals
    Tamir Zuman Sterling Silver 925 in a twisted rope design complimented with 3 Syn Opals at 5mm and 4mm diameter. Ring Band width at the top is 9mm wide tapering down to a comfortable 3mm width. Hallmark stamped this ring can be sized.
  • Unique Designer Pearl Ring
    Sababa Handmade designer Pearl ring by Tamir Zuman in Israel. Band tapered 16mm to 5mm
  • Bow Ring
    Unique design of a gift bow in full Sterling Silver with wide band at 6mm. Last in stock size Medium N/19mm.
  • Love the Onyx Design
    Onyx is within a 10mm sterling silver setting on this beautifully designed tapered 11mm to 5mm band.
  • Elegant CZ Design
    This collection features a large and beautiful coloured CZ with Sterling Silver designer claws.
    Earrings TZE10306 Necklace TZN10306. This collection is made to order.
  • Funky Sterling Rose Gold Ring
    This 925 Sterling Silver ring adds an element of fun with the Rose Gold plated addition. Band 5mm.
  • Onyx Solitaire
    9mm Gemstone setting. Tapered band 10mm to 4mm. Ring can be sized.
  • Elephant Collection -  Ring
    Elephant Ring is unique, fun and adorable. Elephant is 13mm wide on a tapered beaten sterling silver band 12mm x 3mm. There are more designs in our elephant range including Necklaces and Earrings.
  • Dual band with Flower
    15mm flower on double band in Sterling Silver 925. This ring can be adjusted. Available from stock in Size Medium 18MM P1/2-Q
  • Stunning Gemstone Band
    This handmade band from Israel features manmade Opal with band wave effect at 12mm width.
  • ONYX Solitaire Ring
    Gemstone designer ring with Onyx setting 13mm x 11mm. This handcrafted ring designed in Israel has a tapered band from Ring top width of 20mm to 4mm
  • Dainty & Elegant Flower Ring
    A beautiful handmade Rose Flower ring with leaves leading up to the main feature.
    Rose at 9mm diameter with band 3mm wide. Sterling Silver 925 stamped.
  • Multi Flowers Band
    Stunning dimensionall ring with so many handmade details in Sterling Silver. Each flower is set at a height off the waved band which tapers from 13mm to 6mm for comfort.
  • Solitaire Cluster Ring
    Tamir Zuman Sterling Silver Solitaire ring with Enclosed gem on rounded tapered band from 3mm thickness.
  • Star Ring
    Funky Star ring with solid textured 3mm band. SIZE Small/7
  • Sterling Silver Wrap wring with Opals
    This Sterling Silver 925 statement design is complimented with sun opals. Band width is 16mm at the top and tapers down to 10mm for comfort wear.
  • Swarovski Ring - Leaf Collection
    Triple Swarovski Crystal set ring on tapered ban in Sterling Silver 925. 18mm to 3mm rounded band.
  • Tri Ring
    Tri ring incorporating 2 plain and 1 patterned band in Sterling Silver. Size Medium O-P
  • Black Rock Solitaire
    Modern Sterling Silver 925 8mm setting with Volcanic Obsidian Facet cut Stone. on textured 4mm width.
  • Facet Cut Onyx set within leaves
    Absolute statement piece with this large Onyx 18 x 14mm set within a 28mm deep design. This ring can be sized.
  • 2 Piece Ring Yellow Gold
    This 925 Sterling Silver ring adds an element of fun with the Gold plated finish. This ring comes in two parts which can be seperated.. The ring band base is a 10mm width. 20mm width at the top.
  • Coil Sterling Silver
    This 925 Sterling Silver ring adds an element of fun with the Yellow Gold plated addition.
  • Oval Uncut Cubic Zircon Sterling 925
    Design comes in 3 colours. Sterling silver 925 Rhodium plated is complimented with the stunning uncut Cubic Zirconia. Oval setting in this design is 20mm x 16mm. Matching neckalces available.
  • Oval solid band Cubic Zirconia SS 925
    Design comes in 3 colours. Sterling silver 925 Rhodium plated is complimented with the stunning uncut Cubic Zirconia. Oval setting in this wide banded design is 20mm x 16mm.
  •  Round uncut Cubic Zirconia Sterling 925
    Design comes in 3 colours. Sterling silver 925 Rhodium plated is complimented with the stunning uncut Cubic Zirconia. Setting in this design is 20mm diam. Matching necklaces available.

Sababa, an established New Zealand Company that works with the most Unique ranges of hand made designer jewellery from around the World. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality products that are designed with uniqueness, creativity and timeless beauty.  Our designs include Sterling Silver 925, 9 Karat Gold and Rose Gold, Art Glass with Sterling Silver, handcrafted unique brooches. All complimented with Gems Pearls and man made Opal.


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