Danon designer necklaces Collection
  • 'With Love' Rose Gold Silver Necklace
    Elegant Rose Gold Shiny Silver box chain necklace at 45cm length with gold heart extension chain.
  • True Love Necklace - Mid Length
    Each time you wear it will remind you that despite love not always being round and symmetrical, it always manages to create it own distinct harmony. Matching Bangles and Earrings. Length 85cm in choice of 24k gold or silver EP.
  • 'With Love' Antique Silver Bronze Necklace
    This design combines both oxidized silver and bronze box chain. 45cm necklace with extension chain with sweet gold heart.
  • Stunning Gold Nugget Necklace
    Stunning timeless DANON Matte Gold Nugget necklace is complimented with designs in bracelet B3582. Length from 37cm to 50cm. 80gm.
  • Rivoli Swarovski Crystal Necklaces - Mid Length
    Elegant real Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Setting necklaces on 24kt gold 70cm box chain with 6cm extension chain and brand logo. Setting 16mm x 8mm.
  • Necklace Lengths
    All Danon clasp necklaces are compliments with extension chains of up to 6cm and Logo Tag. Designs are high quality electro plated with pure silver, rose gold, 24 karat yellow gold. Our metal finishes are with a variety of antique/oxidised silver, matte silver & gold and shiny finishes to best suit the designer piece.
  • Swarovski Crystal Pendant
    Delicate beaten 24k matte gold finished necklace with Swarovski Crystal pendant on a beautiful flat link chain. Pendant 13mm wide with depth of 2mm. Chain 46cm with 5mm extension chain and logo tag.
  • 'Layers of Love' Long Necklace
    Layers of Love is a new Danon collection of Heart designs. On a 92cm snake chain with additional metal elements.. Charm is 3.5cm long.
  • Delicate Bead chain Necklace
    A delicate and elegant 24k Gold EP Danon necklace on knitted chain with beads. A length of 46cm with 6cm extension chain.
  • Signature Design Beaten Silver Necklace
    Stunning signature design necklace by Danon with beaten antique silver EP finish. Each disk is 18mm in diameter with the necklace length 40cm with additional 6cm logo tag chain. 70g
  • With Love in Style
    This unique Danon heart necklace on snake chain with embossed heart. Chain is at 42cm with Logo tag extension chain. 20mm Heart.
  • 'Layers of Love' Fob Heart Necklace
    'Layers of Love' is a new Danon collection of Heart designs. On a 48cm Fob chain with charm is 3.5cm long.
  • Statement Metal Bead Necklace - 2 colour ways
    Statement-stunning-organic. This oval metal bead necklace is coated with 24kt Gold and Silver with a bold rounded 100cm length chain. 100g
  • Swarovski Crystal Necklace
    Stunning reverse set Swarovski Crystal necklace on foxtail chain. Setting 16mm x 7mm at 43mm length with 6cm extension chain.
  • Wild Metal Necklace
    This organic and impressive necklace in pure 9.25 silver combined with 24kt gold plating and made of natural and wild metal beads replicating natural rocks. Handmade and unique at a 46cm length.
  • Reflections Necklace
    This 24k matte gold work of art by DANON is a stunning yet delicate link necklace. At a length of 45cm with our 6cm extension and logo disk. This is the last necklace at this special price.
  • Hamsa Turquoise Necklace
    Stylish Danon Hamsa finished in 24kt Gold and beautiful double link chain with delightful gold balls, complimented with Turquoise. Hamas 19 x 28mm. Chain 41cm length with extension chain.
  • Natures Collection Leaf Necklace by Danon
    Leaf Necklace in the Natures Collection set on a beautiful snake chain at 42cm length with extension chain. Leaf charm is 2 sided textured at 40 x15mm. Matching Earrings E2920.
  • Swarovski Cluster Necklaces
    Stunning DANON necklace with a 19mm diameter cluster of Swarovski Crystals. Beautiful flat link chain at 42cm with 6cm logo extension chain.
  • Double Leaf Heart Necklace
    2 Colour ways in this Double Leaf Heart Snake chain design. Necklace 40cm.
  • Leaf Heart Fine Necklace
    Fine necklace in the Leaf Heart collect by Danon. Finished in Antique Silver with heart 15mm wide. Chain 44cm length.
  • Black Swarovski Necklace
    Beautiful DANON Matte 24 karat Gold necklace with black Swarovski Crystals. Length at 46cm with extension chain. Pendant is 26mm wide.
  • Gold Foxtail Flower Necklace
    Sababa 24 karat matte gold foxtail chain necklace with flower enahanced with turquoise bead. Length 46cm with extension chain to 46cm. Flower is 18mm wide. Matching Bracelet B3813.
  • Long Heart Necklace
    Best design Danon long gold heart pendant finished in pure Gold & Antique Silver. Pendant is 5.5cm wide with necklace at 86cm Length, 90gm.
  • Unique Jade Necklace
    Stunning blue green Jade stone necklace with 24 karat gold finished elements. Jade length maximum at 3cm with chain at 42cm. This is the last design in this collection.
  • Seashell Necklace Long
    DANON Marine Collection long necklace finished in Silver with Pearl feature. Shell is 34mm x 33mm. Chain is maximum of 88cm.
  • Silver OR Gold Stunning signature design in 24kt Gold
    Stunning signature design necklace by Danon in the beaten 24kt Gold EP finish. Each disk is 18mm in diameter with the necklace length 40cm with additional 6cm logo tag chain. 70g
  • 'Leaf of Love' Necklace - Long
    A romantic yet funky organic 'Leaf of Love' Heart necklace design by Danon. The 82cm rounded chain is finished with a secure lobster clasp, extension chain and DANON signature engraved tag.
  • Funky Heart Fob Necklace
    Modern funky heart necklace by Danon on open chain with T Bar. 44cm length chain with 3cm heart.
  • Heart with Crystal - Mid-length 84cm
    One of Danon's signature heart designs. A full collection is available in this style in various lengths and sizes.
  • Modern Danon Swarovski Crystal Droplet Necklace
    Modern Danon eye-catching Swarovski Crystal Droplet necklace with rounded setting at 18mm height and Fob Chain at 44cm.
  • Modern Swarovski Crystal Fob Necklace
    Modern and elegant pure Swarovski Crystal set in 20mm wide antique silver setting and complimented with a 46cm fob chain.
  • Signature Heart with Fob
    Danon Signature heart necklace design. Length: 44cm
  • Swarovski Crystal Gem Necklace
    Stunning Swarovski Crystal necklace by Danon. This mid length design holds a

Sababa, an established New Zealand Company that works with the most Unique ranges of hand made designer jewellery from around the World. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality products that are designed with uniqueness, creativity and timeless beauty.  Our designs include Sterling Silver 925, 9 Karat Gold and Rose Gold, Art Glass with Sterling Silver, handcrafted unique brooches. All complimented with Gems Pearls and man made Opal.


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