• Organic Earrings
    Unique Organic Collection with brown Agate stone complimented with 24kt Gold EP on 15mm hoop.
  • Swarovski Crystal Hearts
    With Love Swarovski Crystal heart pierce earrings
  • 4 Way Multi disk earring
    Stylish multi element hoop earring available in 3 different colour ways. This earring can be worn 4 various ways. Hoop 2cm
  • Stunning Swarovski Crystal
    Stunning Droplet earrings on small diameter 16mm hoop. Finished in 24kt Gold EP with Swarovski Crystal 18 x 9mm setting . New stocks arriving shortly. View the matching Ring design R1157.
  • Stylish Large Hoop Earring
    Stylish Hoop earring with pierce attachment. Finish is beaten metal in 24kt matte gold or pure silver. Diameter 43mm.
  • 4 Different Earrings in One: Large Hoop & Gemstone Earrings
    DANON Large 30mm Gypsy Hoop Earring complimented with Gemstones 24kt Gold and Pure Silver. 4 way wear design option by Sababa.
  • Swarovski Crystal Earrings
    Stunning Danon earring design with abundance of Swarovski Crystals set in 24kt Gold or pure silver finished earrings on removable hoop. Hoop at 15mm. Setting at 17mm diameter.
  • Nugget Collection Earrings
    One of our top season designs with matching necklaces & bracelets
  • Pearl Earring on Textured Metal
    Designer style collection in both 24kt Gold and Antique Silver finish on medium length fish hook. Fish Hook 28mm - setting 20mm
  • High Fashion Earring
    This stunning earring makes a fashion statement in either Antique Pure Silver or Matte 24kt Gold. 6cm length on french hook
  • Modern Pierce
    Smaller design in this collection with this earring Droplet at 34mm. Comes in 24kt Gold and Antique Silver.
  •  Rose Gold with leaf fern
    Rose gold finish to this somewhat kiwiana pair of earrings. Pierce back.
  • Funky Heart Gemstone Earring
    Funky Heart earring from the Danon range with Jade stone on french hook. Heart length 24mm. This earring is just one design in our Funky Heart Collection.
  • Earrings Butterfly with Crystals
    Lovely butterfly collection including clutch pins, rings, earrings and necklaces. Search under 'butterfly' to see the range. While Stocks Last.
  • Antique Silver Earring
    Unique and light earrings on closed clasp with a 20mm diameter. Matching ring R1140
  • Metal Stud Earrings in Shiny Silver
    Small heart stud earrings with swarovski elements. 7mm
  • Metal encased stud earring
    Swarovski crystal complete these 8mm diam stud earrings. Last 2 pairs.
  • 4 Way Heart Earring
    Danon'4 ways to wear'with two layer heart on 20mm hoop.
  • Multi Metal Designer Earrings
    Danon designer stunning multi metal earrings by Sababa. Length 5.5cm length on french hook.
  • Beaten metal disk
    Signature design by Sababa and Danon. This design has matching bracelet & Necklace. Liam 17mm x 3mm on catch back
  • Large Hoop Earring
    Large but light funky Danon hoop earring. Diameter45mm x 2mm.
  • 4 Way Multi Metal Earrings
    4 way wear designer earrings with combination of multi metal Finish. Hoop 12mm diam.
  • 4 Way Multi Metal Earrings
    4 ways multi metal earrings finished in 24kt Gold and Matte Silver. Hoop 16mm diameter with earring 30mm length.
  • Beaten Metal with Swarovski Crystal
    Elegant and fine. This earring has a beaten metal finish with 24kt Gold EP and Swarovski Crystal on 16mm hoop.
  • Classic Gold Earring
    Classic Gold Earring by Danon with closed clasp at a 12mm x 4mm diameter.
  • Coin Earrings
    Replica Coin Earrings , Great Britain, Elizabeth II, 2 New Pence, 1981
  • Elegant Swarovski Crystal Earrings
    This earring design comes in 2 colour ways including Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. Swarovski setting is 13mmx 4 deep with Closed clasp.
  • Geometric Earring
    Very eye catching earrings. This Geometric beaten metal design are finished in pure silver antique finished on pierce back. Feature is 48mm long. Last stocks in this design.
  • Organic Earrings
    Unique Collection from Danon with this rock look plated earring in 24kt Gold or pure silver Tear Drop hook full length 40mm.
  • Oval Gem Earrings
    Oval Gem Earrings by Danon on closed clasp. 24kt Gold EP 15mm diameter setting.
  • Petite Geometric Stud
    Stud 7mm diam finished in pure silver or 24k gold electro plating.
  • Swarovski Large Crystal Cluster Earrings
    These stunning evening wear pierce earrings are set with clusters of Swarovski crystals. The diameter is 33mm.
  • Swarovski Rivoli Set Crystal Earrings
    This stunning design has there reverse set Rivoli Crystal which enhances light effect within the Swarovski. Setting 20mm x 17mm with closed clasp.
  • Swarovski Small Crystal Cluster Earrings
    These stunning Swarovski earrings come in this small diameter or E60121 being the larger diameter earring. Set with 24kt Gold with a diameter of 23mm.
  • 4 Way Droplet Earring
    Double layer 24 karat Gold and Pure Silver earrings by Danon on a 15m hoop. Large disk 20mm x 15mm.
  • 4 Way Heart Earring
    Wear 4 different ways with this Danon dual heart multi metal design. Hoop at 16mm.
  • 4 way Designer Earring
    Danon designer earring can be worn 4 different ways with concave disk and pearl turquoise or coral.
  • Antique Silver Pierce Earring
    Geometric Designer pierce earrings with 30mm wide shape. Finished in pure silver with antique beaten metal finish.
  • Beaten Disk Earring
    Eye catching beaten metal disk finished in 24 karat Gold with closed clasp. 12mm diameter.
  • Flower Studs
    Beautiful flower stud earrings made from ground down shell and shaped into these beautiful 8mm wide flowers.
  • Funky Heart Earrings Large
    This funky heart earring finished in 24 karat gold is 28mm in length and set on a french hook.
  • Geometrics Earring
    Geometrics beaten metal earring on fish hook pierce. 17mm Diameter.
  • Gold Nugget with Pearl
    Gold Nugget earring design finished in 24kt Gold with pearl on 16mm hoop. Nugget is approximately 10mm width x 3mm.
  • Leaf Heart Earrings
    Danon Leaf Heart earrings with Antique Silver finish on 11mm hoop. Heart 11mm wide.
  • Multi Metal Earring
    24kt Gold drop earring with muti metal effect is at a length of 8 cm on fish hook pierce. Disks are 6mm diameter.
  • Organic Earrings with Swarovski
    Organic earring design complimented with Swarovski Crystal or Pearls. Closed clasp back 15mm x 17mm. Pure Silver or 24kt Gold EP.
  • Perished Bead Fashion Earring
    An elegant design featuring pearlized bead along with 24karat gold on a french hook. 30 mm length design.
  • Petite Round Stud
    Petite Stud 5mm dam finished in pure silver or 24k gold electro plating.
  • Sphere Swarovski Crystal Earrings
    Designer dimensional 24kt Gold and Silver finished earrings by Danon at a 21mm diameter on closed lever back.
  • Stunning Swarovski Crystal Earring
    Swarovski Crystal Earring set in pure silver antique finish with a diameter of 16mm x 5mm on 16mm hoop.
  • Stylish Tear Drop Gem
    Beautiful Jade tear drop earring with gold fish hook. Full length 45mm.
  • Swarovski Crystal Cluster Earrings
    Another design in this stunning evening wear range by Danon. Swarovski Crystal cluster pierce earrings at a 60mm length. Finished in 24 karat gold or pure silver.
  • Swarovski Crystal Droplet Earring
    Elegant Swarovski Crystal Droplet earring set in 24k gold EP. Closed Clasp Back with setting 14mm.
  • Tri Layer Heart
    True Love tri layer heart designer earrings finished in Antique Silver finish and french hook. Heart width 14mm.
  • Wild Pearl - Turquoise Earrings
    2 way earring design by Danon with 16mm hoop and Wild Pearl or Turquoise complimented with 24kt Gold elements. Full earring length 4cm.
  • Wooden Earrings with Gold elements
    Wood Earrings complimented with 24kt Gold on small fish hook. Diameter 15mm.
  • Elegant Black & Pearl Earrings
    Elegant Black Bead & pearl earrings complimented with 24kt Gold. Hoop 16mm with 20mm earring.
  • Elegant Swarovski Crystal Clusters
    Swarovski Crystal cluster earrings are elegant designer wear. A diameter of 19mm with lever back.
  • Gold Nugget with Red Coral and Onyx
    Ethnic design 24kt Gold Nugget, Red Coral and Onyx earrings by DANON. Earring length 3cm.
  • Natures Collection Leaf Earrings
    Danone Natures Collection Leaf Earrings. 4 cm length with matching necklace. Matching Necklace N5090 S.
  • Silver Star Silver Earrings
    Beaten finish 5 point silver star with a 15mm width on french hook by DANON.
  • Tear Drop Pierce Earring
    Elegant in the 24 karat gold. This earring is 3cm in length on pierce back.
  • 24k Sphere Earring with Swarovski
    Sphere Gold & Silver earrings with Swarovski Crystals in tis organic setting.
  • 4 Way Pearlized Earring
    4 ways to wear this design which is finished in 24kt Gold and Matte Silver or pearlized Stone. Hoop 16mm diameter with earring 30mm length.
  • Angel Wing Earrings
    Angel Wing earrings by DANON in this petite design with wings in pure silver EP at a length of 19mm.
  • Beaten Finish Disk Earrings
    Antique pure silver earrings by DANON with beaten gold or silver finish on catch hook.
  • Elegant Swarovski Crystal Earrings
    Elegant Swarovski Crystal Earrings with the most impressive crystal colour. Hoop of 16mm with 16 x 12mm setting.
  • Gemstone Hoop Earrings by Danon
    24kt Gold and Silver 20mm hoops with metal and 15mm gemstone features.
  • Gold Leaf Earring
    24kt Gold EP 23mm leaf shaped earring on french hook.
  • Leaf Shape Earring
    Leaf earring 2 combination of colours in this 24k Gold EP 22mm earring design with fancy wire. Total length 66mm.
  • Organic Multi Metal Earrings
    These organic earrings have combination of gold and silver finished metals complimented with Swarovski Crystal on closed Clasp. Diameter 22mm. Matching Ring R1168
  • Signature Heart Bead Earrings
    DANON Signature Heart earring with metal bead on fish hook. Heart is 14mm wide.
  • Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Earrings I sababa nz
    Swarovski Crystal tear drop earrings by DANON finished in pure silver with hoop 16mm with setting 15 x 10mm.
  • Facet Cut Grey - Gold Designs
    Square Earring designs by DANON in our Grey with 24 karat Gold Plexiglas Collection in both Closed Hoop and pierce finish. Setting 14mm. R1078 matching ring.
  • Leaf Heart Stud Earring
    Danon Leaf Heart Collection stud earring finished in pure silver antique look. Leaf is 22mm length.
  • Swarovski Heart Earrings
    Swarovski Crystal solid heart earrings by DANON set on a 22mm hoop and finished in 24 karat matte gold with beaten metal back. Crystals are combination of clear and AB crystals with heart is 18mm wide. Our last pair.
  • Turquoise Gold Elements
    Funky and stunning 24kt Gold earrings by DANON on tear drop thread. Earring length 58mm. Last Pair
  • Designer Hoop Earrings
    Danon Designer hoop earrings with 24 karat gold finished elements and wooden beads. Hoop 16mm with 35mm drop.
  • Elegant Evening Wear
    Elegant Evening wear earrings by Danon. 24 karat gold finished with Swarovski Crystal Clusters. Cluster is 23mm width.
  • Fine Hoop Earrings
    Danon fine design of Hoop Earrings with a 34mm diameter. 1.5mm thickness.
  • Heart Earrings
    Lovely heart earrings by DANON with 24mm diameter on french hook.
  • Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings
    Elegant evening wear Gold Swarovski earring. Length of crystals 65mm.
  • Wear 4 way Disk Earrings
    This versatile and eye-catching DANON earring can be worn 4 ways. 23mm hoop. Finished in 24 karat gold the disk is 24mm diam with Turquoise beads 13mm diameter.

Sababa, an established New Zealand Company works with Unique ranges of designer jewellery from around the World. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality products that are designed with uniqueness, creativity and timeless beauty.  Our designs include Sterling Silver 925 and our high quality fashion Danon range of metal jewellery Electro Plated in Pure Silver,  24 Karat Gold and Rose Gold.  Complimented with Gems and Pearls.


Our designers insist on the highest stands of quality for all their jewellery.  Like any jewellery, in order to maintain quality and appearance, it is important to protect your jewellery from contact with water, creams and the direct contact with perfume & hairspray.  Your jewellery is very special so treat your item with care.  Gently clean your jewellery with a dry cotton cloth if necessary and sterling silver with silver cleaner if necessary. 


We welcome new stockists, so please feel free to complete the Trade Enquiry Form and we will contact you at the earliest to confirm acceptance of your location.  First orders are Proforma terms while your account is being processed.